Millstone Grit: the competition

On this site you’ll find details of the forthcoming poetry anthology Millstone Grit, and our competition for artists to respond to the poems. The anthology is being created as part of Sheffield Hallam University’s Catalyst project, and is designed and edited by Antiphon Press. The project is also supported by Bank Street Arts.



The Launch

And here’s the invite to the launch.

There’ll be fifteen readers, a prize giving for the art competition (which has now been judged), a glass of wine for everyone, and the book itself on sale at a launch price.


Here comes the book!

We now have the Millstone Grit book in our hot little hands, and we’re very pleased with it. It is, of course, the first book and the first print work from the Antiphon press, which is exciting enough (to us!) in itself. But it’s actually a rather attractive book, both in look and content, so we’re rather proud of ourselves.

millstone grit cover

Meanwhile, we’ve be working on the images submitted for the exhibition to be held before the launch in October. There have certainly been some interesting and unusual responses to the poems, and picking around a dozen that Rosemary, Carolyn and myself agree will make an exhibition which reflects the range of the book, as well as being visually exciting in their own right, has not been that easy. We’re close to a decision, but then will be passing our preferences to Karen Sherwood, who runs the highly reputed Cupola Gallery in Sheffield to judge our three prizewinners.



We’ve now receiving entries for the competition. So far, not as many as we’d like, but it’s usually the case that the bulk of entries come in during the last few days. Do remember, the deadline is August 26th. We’d very much like entries to arrive before then, to give us chance to organise things, if at all possible.

And, if you’re wondering whether to bother or not, we think it’s going to be a very open competition. We’d like to see a range of different pieces in the exhibition to reflect the range of the poems in the anthology, so different is likely to be good, for us. An opportunity to take a bit of a risk, maybe, try something you’ve not done before?